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Black is King: Rise in Black Film

Traditionally, there has been a lack of representation of black creatives in film. From actors and actresses to producers, writers, and editors, Black people lack the resources and opportunities in a white-dominated industry. While there are the classic creators like Spike Lee and Tyler Perry, we haven’t seen many new directors or writers until the last 5 years or so. However, things are changing quite quickly.

Black visionaries, like Beyonce Knowles, have been on the rise in the film industry. Throughout her career, she has been known to make narrative-like music videos and visual albums such as the internet-breaking “Lemonade”.

Black is King: The New Video Album

The singer/actress sensation has guest-starred in several movies herself like Pink Panther, Austin Powers, Dream Girls, and more recently the live-action Lion King. Mrs. Knowles is known for being quite business savvy and has not disappointed with her new Disney+ exclusive. The Houston, Texas native has been teasing her new visual album “Black is King” for the latter part of July. The visionary album was released on July 31st at midnight, and the album is definitely another internet sensation. 

More Black Film

If you don’t have Disney+ don’t worry too much as you can get your Queen B fill with her Coachella documentary on Netflix called “Homecoming”. And for those who have already seen Homecoming, there’s even more good news! Netflix just released a statement about classic black T.V. shows joining the Netflix library in the next few months (refer to the image below). The only question now is, which one are you going to watch first?