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Hot Girl Summer turns into Hot Girl Fall

Houston hottie, Megan Thee Stallion exploded onto the music scene two years ago and gave confidence to women everywhere. She popularized the term “hot girl” which led to some major tensions on Twitter. After Megan’s album debuted, women became vocal about their promiscuity and willingness to live non-monogamous lifestyles, much to the disappointment of men. Twitter then became a contest of who could be more sexual in relationships or situationships. This conversation became hot once again when Hot Girl Meg released a remix of her TikTok sensation song ‘Savage’ with Queen B herself.

The collaboration between Megan and Beyonce sparked more debates and left women more confident than ever. Their song went viral on TikTok where many women were doing dance challenges to the song. Women on twitter also shared some of the very ‘savage’ experiences with the men in their lives.  And the motivating collaborations don’t stop there. Megan also recently collaborated with rapper Cardi B on a sexy song called ‘WAP’.

Released in the middle of August, the song has ushered us into “Hot Girl Fall”. WAP is all about having extremely desirable assets and using those assets to get the things you want from men. While the song is most certainly a hit, it has sparked somewhat of political controversy. Men and women have come out with differing opinions about the subject matter of the song as well as the self-promotion of women’s bodies. Many have come out stating that women are meant to be more conservative while calling the song “disgusting” and “highly inappropriate”. 

Both Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B have called out the haters and argued for confident women. They both see no wrong with women celebrating their bodies or enjoying their bodies. Songs like these are anthems for the feminist movement. What do you think of WAP and the message it sends to women in society? 

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