The Weekend Experience on TikTok

With virtual concerts popping up all over the place, it was no surprise that TikTok would join in on this quarantine trend. TikTok partnered with music artists, The Weekend, to create a truly unique concert experience. While many other platforms have had live-streamed performances,  The Weekend Experience brings something new to the table. Digital artificial intelligence (AI) performance.

The Experience

The “concert” was streamed on August 7th and featured The Weekend performing as a digital avatar. Animation is nothing new, but no one has combined animation with a live music event. The farthest anyone in the music industry has gone is with music videos. The pop star promised an interactive and immersive “cross reality experience” for all. And it wasn’t just about the music. Proceeds from the event went to fighting racism on the TikTok app and were donated to the Equal Justice Initiative. 

Keep reading to the end of the article to see a screen recording of The Weekend Experience!

The Future of TikTok

Considering that TikTok is a Chinese owned company, many found it surprising that The Weekend would collaborate with the controversial app. Especially since President Trump has made public claims of banning the app in America. However, the future is still unknown and all claims of banning TikTok are just talk. TikTok has a huge U.S. user base and it is quickly becoming a major social media platform. Users of the app have created several petitions to keep TikTok available in the states. Microsoft is even in negotiations with China to buy out the U.S. branch. Maybe there are more AI concerts in TikToks future. 

Who’s avatar do you want to see perform next?